Via Rya website 19th June 2017

“John Rush, who was the instructor, was excellent. Very patient and explained well. The training school was situated in an area with both river and canal experience whilst we worked 12 locks to hone our skills.

The geographical position of the training school within the canal system is ideal for training. It was a major factor in choosing the training centre.”

Via RYA website 15th June 2017
“Jane and I did joint training. John is a first class excellent Tutor. There was some wind on the first day which we would not normally sail in. John put us at ease and we both felt 100% safe with him on board. Delayed the second day due to weather conditions. Completed today the first time Jane had sailed in and out of our home Marina. Looking forward to putting into practice what we learnt. The Tutors experience, knowledge and ability to engage make the course. Cannot praise enough.

First class service. Puts you at ease from beginning to end. Skilful trainer and boater.

What can we say. Professional. Approachable. Knowledgeable.

Cannot praise high enough. Recommend to anyone wanting to improve skills at all levels. Excellent value for money.”

Via facebook 19th December 2016

We are so looking forward to the launch of our new life as liveaboard boaters after two wonderful days of your instruction and wiisdom, John.

Anyone who stands still for more that 10 seconds will hear from us, the marvellous experience of your RYA HELMSMAN’S COURSE.

We will recommend the course and particularly you as the instructor!

To experience the challenges of the river and the canal was extraordinary.

We felt you left no stone unturned and gave us the best possible start to our new adventure.

Many, many thanks!
Howard and Janis Sheppard

Via email 11th September 2106

Hello John,
We think that here is an appropriate moment to use that, much mis-used word “Awesome”.
We would like to tell you that, both of us, had a magical and most worthwhile day, thanks to your Father like and professional bedside manner mentoring . As you can well imagine, we arrived to meet You, full of trepidation and not a trifle anxious but, by the time it was to cast off from Sawley, you had already injected us with a positive sense of a cautious adventure. In brief, we absolutely loved every minute of it (even the bl..dy locks). However, we are not trumpet blowing, as we realise we still have a multitude of things to learn-so we have no intention of becoming cocky (you will be pleased to know). We do hope that “Her Indoors” was still speaking to you, on your late arrival home!  ………

Again, our sincerest thanks to you for a most meaningful day out “on the cut” .
All The Best,
Gareth & Karen

Via email 23rd November 2015
Hi John,
Just a quick line to say thank you for the great training over the last two days, we learnt a lot, and really enjoyed it despite the cold weather.
Hope to see you on the cut in the near future.
Sheena and Paul


Via email 5th October 2015
Hi John
just a short thank you for the boat training it was a good day out with many useful tips, I have been boating for many years and the instruction was relayed in such a way as to be informative and easy to understand.
many thanks



Via email 26th August 2015
Hi John

Just want to say thanks for a great days training yesterday 25/08/2015, Lynne and myself have learnt so many things which will help with future ventures out on our wide beam Little Miss Molly.
We spent last evening really excited about our next trip out which will be in a couple of days time, the confidence we have both gained will allow us to go further afield and get much more from our boat, your training methods were first class and we will be confident in passing your details on to other boaters, hopefully we will bump into in the future not literally, thanks again

Lynne and Kim.


Via email 5th August 2015
Hi John,
Just a quick word to say thank you for the training today (5th Aug 2015). It was really enjoyable and well worth doing, it is simply a “Must” for any experienced or novice boater.
You presented loads of information and tips in a patient and often humourous way whilst not overlooking the important health and safety requirements and serious points of the course.
I have lived on boats for 8 years now and now feel more confident by having been on your course and Andrea, who is a novice as been given a lot of confidence.
Many thanks.



Via email 21st August 2015

Hello John

Just a quick note to say a big ‘thank you’ for the training yesterday. I had a great time and learnt lots! I am now much more confident about being single-handed – I can combine your techniques and tips with the skills I already had, and rivers hold no fears for me! I look forward to receiving my ‘certificate’ and hope we can meet again and work together some time.

Kindest regards

Via email 23rd April 2015

Hi John,

Sorry we had to rush off so quickly after the course ended yesterday. I just wanted to get in touch to say a big thank you from both of us for all that you taught us during the last two days and for all the hints, tips and useful snippets of information that you shared with us. It was great to have found someone with such a wealth of experience – and the requisite patience to pass it on to novices like us!

We’re definitely in a better position to handle whatever boat we decide to take on and to more confidently deal with what the inland waterways will throw at us. And after being used to hurtling around in cars all the time it was good to experience the challenges and satisfaction of precision manoeuvring at a more sedate pace!

The only downside is that now we’re back ‘ashore’ we’re still feeling the gentle rocking sensation of the boat even when we’re sat or standing perfectly still!!

Thanks again – and fingers crossed that more and more people recognise the value of courses like this.


Gary and Adele
Via email 8th March 2015

Hi John,

Just a quick note to say thank you again for a fabulous day on Wednesday. I learned a huge amount more than I expected to, about all aspects of boat handling and ownership. You are a really great teacher and I am recommending this course to lots of people. 
All the best and see you again.

Kind Regards,


Notes from Kerry on the course evaluation form 21st August 2014

” John has fantastic interpersonal skills, he’s a gifted communicator and natural teacher. He was calm, encouraging and knowledgeable – First Class. “

Thank you, Kerry. Your comments are greatly appreciated. John


”  Hi John,
Sorry it’s taken a while to get round to it but Tash and I wanted to thank you once again for what was possibly one of the most enjoyable days we have ever had together. Your calm and collected instructional technique helped us to get over any fears and worries we had and your patient manner helped see us through a lot of inevitable beginners’ mistakes. On top of that the tea and cake were spot on. “

” Thanking you once again and wishing you every success in your venture “

David Mawson

Via email 11 June 2014

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